Rabu, 21 Desember 2016

Engkaulah Surgaku

Di matamu menghuni bidadari
Laku eloknya menghias bilik-bilik rumah
Sejukkan suasana di segala musim

Di lengkung bibirmu berdiam cinta
Setiap kata yang keluar adalah doa
Pengiring langkah bagi suami dan anak

Peluh menguap ke udara
kala sepasang lenganmu memeluk tubuhku
Bahkan angin tak mampu bersaing

Kamis, 08 Desember 2016


Alfianty Tadjuddin                 Ayu Pertiwi                  Eka Purwanti
15B01060                               15B01062                     15B01064
State University of Makassar

I.             INTRODUCTION
In a language course, materials are designed to support teaching and learning process. The materials include “anything which can be used to facilitate the learning of a language” (Tomlinson, 2003). They can be used to inform the learners about the language, to provide experience of the language in use, and to stimulate language use or to help learners to make discoveries about the language for themselves (Tomlinson, 2003). To aid the learners in language learning, the materials developers need to construct the materials thoughtfully in evaluating, adapting, and producing them. This is really valuable because the course materials are made to fulfill the users’ needs. Therefore, the materials developers should consider carefully who, where, and how the materials will be used.

Computer-Assisted Language Learning: A Review of EnglishClub as ICT Tool for ESL/EFL Learners

Ayu Pertiwi

The integration of ICT and language learning which is called Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL) can be found in many websites that provides English materials. Social media as one kind of website can be useful to learn English for ESL/EFL learners. EnglishClub is a social media that is specified to discuss about ESL/EFL. It is a free website created by Josef Essberger from Cambridge, England which is designed to help people learn English online. EnglishClub is divided into various main sections that the members can use easily. The members can practice some language skills and elements, such as reading, writing, listening, vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. Although it does not have a feature to develop speaking skill, its features are still helpful for ESL/EFL teachers and learners over the world.
Keywords: english club, writing skill, ict in elt, english as foreign language